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*Call Center Networking

*Server Set-Up Installation

*Computer/ laptop Repair

*Solar Lights

*Business Customized Softwares

*WebSite Developing/ Designing (UI and UX)

*Social Media Presence

* Digital Marketing Creation

*Business Remote Assistance

G+ Business Management Software

UI/UX Designs

In the ever-changing modern business ecosystem, businesses must stay ahead of the competition by evolving at the same breakneck pace, and G+’s platform provides the essential tools for easy automation and digitization of old manual systems.

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G+ Inventory System

Inventory management is one of the keys in turning a small business into a large, successful corporation that’s able to generate millions of dollars in annual revenue. However, the act of scaling doesn’t come without its own set of hurdles. If your business is in the food distribution, ecommerce, consumer goods, or electronic devices industry, it’s time to listen up. Inventory management is of the utmost concern.

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G+ Clinic Information System

Clinic management software is the technology system (or application) that stores and processes all the information associated with running your health practice. It puts everything in one place, so that you (and your team members if desired), can securely access your clinic data from your computer, tablet or phone. This software is also known as practice management software, and it is specifically designed to help practices automate and streamline the tasks involved with running a health clinic.

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G+ Parking Monitoring System

G+ Parking Monitoring System helps educational institutions, municipalities, private garages, and other organizations automate tasks related to the management of parking spaces. These tools help manage an influx of vehicles, optimize parking spaces, and ensure vehicle safety.

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G+ Parts and Fuel Monitoring System

G+ Parts and Fuel Monitoring System enables fuel delivery companies to manage dispatching, drivers, deliveries, accounting with auto-dispatching, auto-invoicing, fleet monitoring, inventory management, fuel forecasting technology, document management, and more

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G+ Farm Tech lets you focus on the more important part of the farm. This software supports monitoring of your expenses, data of the employees, and even your farm supplies.

G+ Farm Tech

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G+ Point Of Sale System

G+ Point Of Sale System is a key requirement for all sorts of brick-and-mortar stores, be it a general retail store, restaurant, or grocery shop. It allows retailers to accept and process payments as well as sync, track, and manage other aspects of the business such as employee staffing, inventory management, sales, and purchase management.

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